Stick it To Me with Pincushions

This is a repost from 2013 and was part of a blog hop. I thought it would be fun to entertain you again with my easy and quick pincushions made from scraps of batting and ribbon.

First, two little pincushions that were gifts from friends. I use them all the time:

This chicken does not mind being poked by my pins. He is just pretend.

A fellow teacher, Kim, made this with a lot of bling. Filled with walnut shells.

Now for my reveal. Let's start at the beginning:

Start with cotton batting (this is Warm and Natural), approximate size: 2-1/2" x 52"
Cut a strip of cotton batting; pink one edge
(Your dimensions may change as you want a different height to your pin cushion.)

Use a specialty cutting blade to pink one edge. Or, if you have a vintage pair of pinking shears, use them!

You can use pinking shears or a specialty cutter (which is quicker)

 Start rolling from one end
Keep the straight edge even; roll tightly. Glue end closed.

 I wrapped this with a black and white batik scrap (also pinked); 3/4" batik strip for a tie. Any scrap will do.

Cut a piece of fabric the height of the roll and about 2" longer. Wrap and glue end.

 Four little pincushions, between 2" and 2-1/2" high. Notice that the orange batik pincushion has an elevated center. That's because I pushed it up from the underside - just because I wanted to!

Yum, yum. Even found a piece of cupcake printed ribbon to wrap around this little roll
 I inserted some large yellow rick rack (on the right) as I neared the end of the roll.

Hello Kitty ribbon used to tie around another pincushion with that black batik.
 We are a happy group of pincushions!

7 little pincushions gathered in my ribbon covered brie box

 Brie Box? What are you talking about? This is the box TOP.

I covered the BOTTOM of the box with my cupcake ribbon. I save all these sorts of things.

This is the bottom of the brie box covered with that yummy ribbon.
Happy little pincushions, just waiting for me to stick it to them!

 I'm sure you have scraps of batting and little pieces of ribbon. Go ahead and try one of these. They sure are cute!