Holiday Magazine from Quilting Arts

So many ideas, so little time! But, if you buy this issue, you will never run out of gift or decorating ideas for years to come. The Quilting Arts 2021 Holiday Magazine hits newsstands November 23 and it is filled with SO many beautiful things!

Holiday issue

 I received my copy 2 weeks ago and have looked through it every, single day since! While there are, of course, Christmas and a few Hanukkah items in there, small gift ideas for any time of the year are there, too! I especially like the Passport holder (which hangs around your neck with a see-through case).

My Hanukkah Dreidel gift bags are there as a re-run from 2015. I still have some of the paper pieced units and I plan on turning them into coasters. And I have one of the bags, too!

Dreidel Gift Bags (in my Etsy shop)

Remember, Hanukkah comes "early" this year: November 28/29! My local library has a display case that I plan on putting my Hanukkah and Christmas mini quilts in for the month of December, and you can bet these little Dreidel bags will be there! Here's a photo of the dreidel block before making it into the bag.

Paper Pieced Dreidel: 6" x 6"

Check out all of the beautiful things from Quilting Arts. You can download this issue as a pdf by clicking that link (after you buy it, of course!)

And, don't forget a few of the other Hanukkah items in my Etsy shop.

So, after you make some of these for your family and friends, check out my Christmas items there, too. More on that later!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I'm so behind on Christmas gifts this year.

    1. I never said I was ready for Christmas! Just have ideas . . .


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