Fun Blocks Inspired by English Paper Piecing

Today is January 13 and a few years ago I was making a block here and there from the New Hexagon Block a Day calendar by Katja Marek.

6" Block inspired by the January 13 English Paper Pieced version

While I am quite comfortable with EPP and these patches were not difficult, I wasn't too excited about the sizes of the patches. I realized I could easily rotary cut the diamonds, half hexagons and triangles and put them together with my sewing machine. I did just that!

Here are some photo steps:

Two 60 degree triangles (finish to 3" high)

Added a half-hexagon to one side.

Added a second half-hexagon to the other side.

Rotary cut two more half hexagons and diamonds. Notice there are NO y-seams so far. 

Stitched those last 2 seams and I was done. Hey - this was easy. Let's make some more! And I did! Notice that each of the six blocks uses a different gray print to set them into a larger triangle. But the other fabrics are the same throughout.

Six January 13 blocks stitched - and STILL no y-seams!

And putting some borders on . . .

Table Topper from January 13 block: 32" x 38"

And here's my label placed in one of those 120 degree angles!

And I made one more as a sample for my English Paper Piecing classes. I used the Sgraffito Collection by Benartex.

Another January 13 block

I no longer have my calendar - I gave it away to a local guild member. I made several blocks from it and many I converted to rotary cutting and piecing. To each his own, right?


  1. Debby, I really love this block, especially the 6 inch size. Would you please, please think about making a free pdf of this block? I am making a quilt with all 6 inch blocks and I would love to add this one. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi, Joyce. Because it's a hexagon, the dimensions are 6" high but 7" wide! So, I don't think it will work. But I'm thinking of making it a pattern for sharing on my blog - just not sure when that will happen.

  2. I just started a New Hexagon quilt this month using Kaffe Fasset fabrics. Deciding on how to cut each piece is so much fun !!

    1. Hi, Annie. Sometimes you have to let the rotary cutter make that decision for you. His fabrics are large scale prints and you honestly can't capture everything in one patch. It's fun to just let it happen!


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