More Granny's Garden Blocks and Quilt

This New Colonies collection of fabrics came out in 2012! Yes, 10 years ago. I shared some of these photos back then (do you even remember?)

New Colonies Collection by Windham Fabrics

I began making some Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks, with no plan in mind.

These were made using 2" hexagon papers and then once the Grandmother's Block was finished by hand piecing, I stitched the blocks - by machine - onto background squares (12" finished).

Grandmother's Flower Garden block

Well, how did I cut those hexagons using my Spiderweb/60 degree ruler? Just showing the basics - you've seen this before. Fold 4-1/2" strip in half along length. Align the 2" horizontal ruler line with top raw edges of fabric (because 2" is half of 4" finished). Cut along both sides of the ruler. 

*** My ruler markings are not correct in this photo, but the formula is correct. This fabric hexagon is a bit skimpy over the paper.

Then open it up and you see the fabric hexagon ready for stitching over the papers! (Yes, I know this picture is upside down!)

I made the block and took out the papers. Here's one block from the front.

Single GFG block from the front

And from the back. I did trim those "flaps" down to a neat 1/4" seam allowance.

Papers out and ready to place on background fabric

Well, how many did I make? 

16 Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks - all by machine!

I put the 16 blocks up on my design wall to see how I wanted them arranged.

Assembly #1 - Like scattered flowers

Then I put them in a straight set. Not sure about this one, either!

Assembly #2 - Typical GFG arrangement

I finally decided to machine appliqué them to 12-1/2" cream background squares. I gave the blocks to my friend Rhoda S., along with enough fabric for the border and asked her to put it all together. She was willing to do this as the quilt will be given to a local charity.

Don't you love what she did? She alternated the blocks with every other one with the "v" at the top and the other with the flat side of a hexagon at the top.

Here's the top as she gave it to me - ten years after I began this quilt!. It measures 58" x 58"

New Colonies Grandmother's Flower Garden: 58" x 58"

And here's the quilt beautifully quilted by Jeanne Culbert. It is destined as a charity quilt for chemo patients. Also, you may notice that all of my background squares are different cream fabrics. That's ok with me - I never have more than 1 yard of anything. I think this gives the quilt even more personality.

Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt using New Colonies fabric: 58" x 58"

This quilt is SO happy to finally be finished after 10 years in the works!


  1. I love the fabrics and the quilt looks so beautiful. I wouldn't have thought to turn the blocks so they would be different. It really turned out great!

  2. I appreciate your patterns and quilts so much!!


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