More Pieced Granny's Garden Blocks

 I found a photo that reminded me that I have been making these pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG) blocks for well over 10 years. And, for the life of me, I can't find this quilt! Four blocks in a staggered assembly makes for a rectangular quilt.

4 Block Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt

There's a secret to these blocks. The top block is stitched like you do by hand using English Paper Piecing. Let me show you the back. I cut the six blue hexagons and then stitched them together into a round. Turned the outside raw edges under and appliquéd them to the light background square. I then covered the center hole with an interfaced yellow hexagon.

Machine stitched and appliquéd GFG block

The other 3 were made using that technique I shared on Monday which I call Big Block Hexagons. All cut and stitched by machine. No y-seams. All patches cut using my multi-sized 60 degree triangle ruler!

Rotary cut patches (NO templates) and machine stitched

Can I show you some of the blocks I made over the weekend? These use some Kaffe Fassett fabrics with Fossil Ferns. This first one is my favorite!

Granny's Garden with Japanese Chrysanthemum and Fossil Ferns

And another one in pinks:

Single block in Pinks with light yellow Fossil Fern background

I wasn't able to fussy cut the flowers, but I did need to use my window template of freezer paper because I was really close to being short of fabric!

My freezer paper window template for fussy cutting (sort of)

And one more in yellows and browns:

Single block with bold flowers and light gold Fossil Ferns

I carry the pattern for the 4 block quilt I showed the other day with an addendum for making single blocks like the ones here. It's a 9 page pdf with lots of illustrations, templates (though you really will want to use your 60 degree triangle ruler).

Here's that 4 Block quilt which was published in the Keepsake Quilting catalog in 2017. Looks a lot different in those 1800s reproduction prints!

Granny's Garden 4 Block quilt: 65" x 65"

Hope you enjoyed seeing how to make a traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden block by machine!