More Fabrics with a Vintage Feel

Jamestown is a collection by Windham Fabrics released in 2017. They had asked me to design a traditional quilt that could feature their fabrics for a kit to be carried in the Keepsake Quilting Catalog. OK. I can do that!

Let me show you the fabric swatch page. Yes, there are a lot of poison greens! And the chrome yellows and purple. What was I going to do?

I pitched a few ideas to Windham. Here's the first: a table runner. I just based this on a previous pattern that I still carry in my Etsy shop. It's my Happy Hexie Table Runner and I've made it at least 5 times in various fabrics. It's 29" x 54" and there are no y-seams (of course!) The hexagons and triangles are all rotary cut with NO templates. They didn't want this. OK. I'm used to pink slips.

So, I pitched another quilt using more hexagons. And triangles. They said I was getting closer.

Then I proposed a 4-Block quilt that resembles a Grandmother's Flower Garden block BUT the patches are rotary cut and pieced - like this, with all patches joined by machine and that center hexagon added last (it's interfaced).

Here's the quilt I made. I think it's owned by Windham, because it's not around here! The blocks finish to 17-1/2" (not 17"; not 18")

Jamestown GFG quilt: 65" x 65"

I'm reworking the pattern and making new blocks. Here's one in the Jamestown fabrics where you can see the construction.

Single GFG block

I'll be back with my new blocks in some unexpected fabric combinations. I've made 3 and have 2 more under construction. They are quick to make with NO templates - everything is rotary cut using a multi-sized 60 degree ruler.


  1. Love GFG block. I have made many in a smaller block. I put on diamond shape and made into table runners. Great block.


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