Windham Wednesdays with Gypsy

I finally put all my 2018 blocks together into a quilt and it was quilted by Jeannie C. of my local guild. It has been given to a local charity so someone can enjoy these glorious colors. Do you remember the blocks? Gypsy is the print and Bedrock is the solid looking blender (also by Windham).

3 different blocks made with Gypsy and Bedrock

I was given 23 fat quarters of this fun fabric, so I was somewhat limited by block sizes. Let's see the fabrics.

23 fat quarters of Gypsy

I made 16 blocks total and then arranged them on my design board.

16 blocks auditioning for an assembly

I honestly can't remember why I was given some extra yardage, but the good news is that I was able to use it for borders. The blocks finish to 10" x 10", so I couldn't wrap the quilt with a single fabric; I added border squares. Here she is finished.

Gypsy Cobblestones Variation Quilt: 50" x 50"

I barely made a dent in that stack of fat quarters. Time to play again! I revisited my Fractured Jewels pattern and upsized the units. When you only have fat quarters for the quilt center, you have to get creative with the setting triangles. Notice that the center triangles are green and the outer triangles are dark pink. That's ok - it works, right?

Fractured Jewels: 42" x 47"

Fractured Jewels is an upcoming workshop here in Virginia on January 19. The blocks only LOOK difficult; I've devised an easy way to stitch first and then cut for pieced pairs.

I'm looking at my remainder stack of Gypsy and going to put my thinking cap on for another quilt (or two!)


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