January 17 Blocks Inspired by Katja Marek

This lovely calendar of English Paper Pieced blocks is no longer in print, but I was inspired to make several of them from month to month in 2016 and 2017. This is the block for today, January 17th. But I "cheated" and decided to rotary cut and machine piece the patches.

January 17th block

Here are the two halves. Yes - you've heard it before - no y-seams! Triangles, diamonds and half hexagons are all cut using my rotary cutter and standard rulers. I've covered those lessons many times here on my blog, so do a search!

Two halves in another set of fabrics. (Wish I could find this one!)

Here she is quilted - all straight lines.

Quilted block

Here's another one done in browns. These blocks measure 12" high and 13" wide.

I quilted the blue one and put binding on. It makes a lovely table topper. Another orphan block rescued and given a life of purpose!

Table Topper inspired by the January 17 block in Katja Marek's New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar

Here's a photo of the calendar I'm talking about. No longer in print, but I bet you can find it online (or check with your friends).


  1. I love this block too. All you have shown so far are awesome!

    1. Hi, Joyce. Thanks for loving my blocks. It will make them SO happy! I am partial to any blocks that are based on a hexagon. The calendar has lots and lots of ideas and you'll be seeing several more. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am always amazed at what you can do with a hexagaon.


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