More Hexagons Pieced by Machine

Just because a block is presented in a quilt pattern as a hand piecing technique doesn't mean you can't convert it to machine! I do that a LOT, though I love creating English Paper Piecing blocks by hand. The February 10 block from Katja Marek's Hexagon calendar was calling my name, but I could see an easy way to create it by machine. Allow me to share the details!

We have 3 half-hexagons, 3 tiny triangles and 3 elongated diamonds (all 60 degree). But look at that center - cold sweats here! - that is begging for a y-seam (and got it, btw).

February 10 prototype block

Many times I cut and sew a sample block before cutting out the parts for a larger project. If I don't like the one block, who can guarantee that I'll like 16 of them?!

Here are the colors and fabrics that I chose for 3 blocks. Yes, I stitched a y-seam!

Here's the y-seam from the back:

And I was beginning to run out of fabric! What to do? You tell me. I only had small bits of the blue and white print, and not enough for ONE MORE small triangle! So, yes I pieced it.

Just to prove I pieced it:

Just so you know: I never check how much yardage I have before setting out on a project. I figure that if I run out of one print, I can substitute with another similar fabric. But that wouldn't work here. So, I went dumpster diving in my studio trash can and found a little scrap! Now I have enough to finish the 6 blocks and put them into the table topper center.

The same thing happened with my inner border. Holy cow - how did I not know I wouldn't have enough of that green print to go all around? Time for Jack the Ripper!

Not enough of the green - time to rip and start over!

I found a lovely stripe that reflected the colors from the center:

And, finally, the outside border. Lots of browns and oranges!

Topper: 28" x 32"

Now it's time to quilt and bind. Will be a lovely gift for someone who loves these colors.


  1. I love the way this looks like the orange, green and purple are woven through the whole inner part of the table topper.


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