Playing with Hexagons

English Paper Piecing (EPP). I like to do that sort of handwork. It's relaxing and there are so many possibilities for using the different patches and shapes. 99% of us begin with hexagons. I came across a little quilt I made in 2017 from blocks I made in 2013! These were class samples and they turned out so cute! This uses a Benartex collection called Knitty Kitty.

Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG) using 2" hexagons

 Then I fussy cut another kitty in blues.

They sat in a drawer (as class samples they traveled) until my oldest daughter asked for a quilt for a friend's baby. I made something REAL simple. I think the blocks are 14" and they alternate with a cute print in two squares. Easy borders and it's done!

Two GFG blocks for an easy quilt

I had made some crochet hook holders, etc with the Knitty Kitty fabrics (I DO NOT knit; I only crochet). Not sure if you remember these. I have since given them to my middle daughter who is a rabid crocheter.

Cute, huh? It's always fun to play with playful prints. Kitties are cute and having those two in the center of the GFG blocks surely made a little child smile.


  1. The crochet hook holders is cute. I have not seen a round one before. I couldn't crochet to save my life. I can do one long chain, but can't seem to get how to go from there. My mother crocheted. I did teach myself to knit when I was in high school. Cute idea for a baby quilt too.

    1. That holder is from my needlework days. Remember those? Fit one wooden hoop inside the other with the fabric between. Tighten the tiny screw at top and you're ready to go. Can't figure out knitting, but crochet and I get along!


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