Blast Off!

SpaceX and NASA launched 4 astronauts up to the space station today. I have a quilt (actually 2) titled "Blast Off!" Both use collections from Benartex. The pieced block is called Job's Tears and I foundation paper pieced it. It was published in Quilt Magazine about 15 years ago.

Blast Off! 33" x 33". 8" block

Then I made another one so I could feature these incredible motifs of astronauts walking on the moon! What do you think?

Blast Off #2. 66" x 90". 12" blocks

This was another Benartex Collection called "The New Frontier" from 2009. I featured this as one of the 12 quilts in my 2014 Wall Calendar of Quilts. It was first published in a Fons and Porter magazine (probably 2009 or 2010 issue).

I wish our brave and talented astronauts much success in their fabulous journey and a safe return to Mother Earth!


  1. I like them both, but my favorite is the second one.

  2. Love quilts especially first one. Like to do paper piecing.


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