Hanukkah Ideas from Your Sewing Room

While I'm not Jewish, I do have Jewish friends and neighbors. And, believe it or not, I have some Hanukkah items on hand for gifting when needed! I've even made some special blocks for my quilt guild's holiday block swap. I made 12 in Christmas fabrics and 12 in Hanukkah fabrics! I don't know where the pattern for these came from, but they will finish to 10".

4 of my 12 blocks

I've made cards using those "window" openings and placed some pre-quilted fabric (just fabric and thin batting) inside.

Hanukkah Card

I've made coasters using my paper piecing Dreidel block.

Dreidel Coasters

I used this in my Dreidel gift bags which was featured in Quilting Arts Magazine a few times (2015 and 2021). The simple 6" block is paper pieced. I built the bag around the block.

Dreidel Gift Bags

And last December, my local library asked me to fill their display case. I devoted half to Hanukkah and half to Christmas.

Display case with my holiday items

By far, my most popular pattern is my Star of David topper. You can see several of the process shots by clicking that link.

Star of David Topper: 24" x 28"

So, if you're looking for a quick and simple way to make a meaningful gift for a friend who celebrates Hanukkah, then check out these few items in my shop.


  1. So beautiful. My very best friend ever was Jewish and we shared so much. I wish she were still here, 'cause I'd make her something like that table topper. She'd love it!


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