What's New Sunbonnet Sue?

I am constantly amazed at the continued strong appeal of this sweet Sunbonnet Sue (and her just as sweet companion Overall Sam). I have made several quilts using a variety of vintage patterns as my inspiration. When I worked for Quilt Magazine, we featured these characters often. Here's one I made using feedsacks (border) and machine embroidered Sues. I created those on my Pfaff sewing machine. A lot of stitches and thread!

Embroidered Sunbonnets from 1998!!

 I've made just the single block. This was published 20 years ago. I still have it. Such a sweetie pie!

Sunbonnet Sue mini (14" x 17")

And a very, very tiny one that I made into a pillow for my granddaughter. The block is at least 25 years old.

How about a bed quilt? This is 104" x 114". I didn't make the blocks. My editor gave them to me to put them into a simple setting.
Sunbonnet Sue Bed Quilt (10" x 14" blocks)

Then Windham Fabrics asked me to work with one of their reproduction 1930s collections and I thought of - you guessed it. But this time I added Overall Sam. This is all raw edge appliqué and the log cabin blocks are 8" (four together equal 16" x 16", so that the Sues and Sams fit in the centers).

I still own this and will probably give this to my only granddaughter some day. Her mom loves these 1930s themed quilts. You can see some of the blocks up close by clicking the link below the picture.

Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam Quilt: 48" x 48"

This last one was made by a visitor to this blog. Her single block quilt is based on a very vintage pattern and she used several reproduction scrappy fabrics from that era. She sewed this by hand using a black thread and a buttonhole stitch

Diane T.'s Vintage Sue block (12" x 12")

And a digital Sun Bonnet in my Red Hat series. What do you think?

I realize that you either love these vintage things or you don't! But, I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of variety with this old gal!


  1. I love them! I once had a quilt shop and called it Sunbonnet Sue Quilts, because my name is Susan, though I don't like to be called Sue. LOL I have a book where a lady researched and collected dozens of Sues and Sams. You probably have that old blue paperback filled with white pages of drawings, too. I don't have my favorite pattern of a very elegant Sue with puffy sleeves and a fancy bow sash. I hope I find it again some day. =) Thanks for sharing these.


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