One More Hexagon Wreath and Stars

I love to revisit some of my workshop samples and try to empty the box of blocks and parts. I made a few quilts using my Hexagon Wreath and Stars pattern and had several blocks in process that begged to become a quilt.

Do you remember this Dancing Christmas Mice quilt? I gave this away soon after I quilted it.

Hexagon Wreath and Stars: 38" x 42"

Here is the second quilt I finished earlier this week using the leftover blocks. As you can see, I had to get creative with the star parts. But, you don't think a little child will worry about the 2-color stars, do you? Of course not! I also had to use 3 different prints (from the same collection) for the borders and I pieced those. I only had fat quarters. I dare you to find the seams!

Dancing Christmas Mice: 38" x 42"

Here's a pic of how the diamonds are sewn to one hexagon. Then I made 6 of these.

Here's a photo of the quilt center (first version). No y-seams.

Hexagon Wreath and Stars center

And the very first Hexagon Wreath and Stars quilt that I designed and stitched for Creative Grids rulers and their pattern company.

Hexagon Wreath and Stars

I have a few more stars left over in that box. May play around some more, but not today. Have another Christmas quilt to finish for a little kid in my neighborhood.


  1. These are so child-friendly. The last one has an almost religious feeling to it, but I can't pinpoint why. It is beautiful.


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