Windham Wednesdays with Storybook Christmas

My daughters have told me "No more quilts for the grandkids . . ." and I guess I have to comply. But, it doesn't keep me from wanting to sew with kids' prints and make some cute quilts! There's always some small child that comes into my life and what kid doesn't like something with Santa on it?

Storybook Christmas bundle from Windham Fabrics

Windham Fabrics has released several collections of reproductive 1930s fabrics and they are called "Storybook." The Christmas collection came out in 2016 and I made several items with it. My go-to idea is always hexagons. You may remember how I cut some of these prints into 5-1/2" hexagons:

I cut a strip 5-1/2" x wof (in this case, I only had 22"). Then folded it in half with the fold at the bottom. I aligned the 2-1/2" horizontal ruler line with the raw edges at the top (that's because 2-1/2" is half of the finished size of 5").

This is what you get. Move the ruler over (DO NOT FLIP-FLOP IT) and cut another one.

Then, I had a pile of lovely Christmas hexagons!

I added some white print setting triangles and played around with an arrangement and came upon putting some of them into a table runner.

But I had a whole bunch more of those fun hexagons and decided to make my Big Block Hexagons pattern. The pattern calls for large hexagons cut from Layer Cake (10") squares, but I just resized it for the 5-1/2" hexagons and it works beautifully. I quilted it last week and it is ready for the right little child. The border print is from Windham's "Let it Snow" collection. That was released in 2013 and I still had the main blue print with the dancing snowmen and it was perfect for this.

Let it Snow Fabrics

So, here is the sweet quilt: Let it Snow Hexagons!

Let it Snow Hexagons: 40" x 46"

No y-seams and lots of fun prints to keep a little kid entertained, both in and out of bed!


  1. What wonderful hexagon projects. I can't imagine ever telling my mother, "No more quilts!" Your girls are spoiled! My mother died when I was 9 and I have exactly ONE quilt she made. If she made a 100, I would want every single one of them. I've left in my will how the boys are to divide the quilts I leave behind, in order to keep the fights to a minimum! LOL You are right, though, another child will come along who needs a quilt, and you'll be ready.


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