More Double Stars

I pulled out a workshop box yesterday and realized I had enough fabric and cut patches to make a large, 4 block quilt using one of my hexagon patterns. It's an upsized Double Star. Here's the simple version:

Double Star: 18" x 21"

Same quilt!
Double Star: 18" x 21"

I added more diamonds and triangles and made it larger. I turned the six corner diamond/triangle units outward (instead of inward as shown in the Star of David). There are no y-seams. The only diamonds are the purples. The turquoise fabrics are two triangles pretending to be diamonds!

I made two of these blocks. They will finish to 24" high!

It's very much like my Star of David table topper (same patches). This is a popular pattern in my Etsy shop. Easy to cut and stitch.

Star of David table topper (or wall banner)

And I made two of this next block. Somehow I am going to join them with side triangles. I've cut them and I was able to squeeze enough out of my selected fabrics.

Purple Double Star (24" x 28")

Just the four blocks together will make an awesome quilt center! Not sure if I'm going to add borders. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I look forward to seeing those together. I did buy the Star of David last week to try when I finish my current projects in the spring.


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