If Diamonds are Forever, How Much Time Does a Rhombus Have?

OK, I have to admit. I do NOT like the word rhombus. Yes, I was a high school math teacher at one time and I'm sure that word was in my lesson plans. But, hey, how to you use that word in your circle of friends?

"Hey, Sally. I love your rhombus engagement ring!" Yeah, right.

Well, you're probably thinking, "Sheesh. She sure does have a bee in her bonnet!"

Not so. Diamonds are diamonds are rhombuses. They both mean the same thing, which is: "an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram" which is what Dictionary.com says.

Now, let me move on to some quilts with diamonds. That's why you've come anyway, right? First some DIAMONDS.

Diamonds cut from 4-1/2" strips
This is my Baby Blocks quilt using those diamonds. I call it "My Diamonds Have the Blues" (pretty original, don't you think?)

My Diamonds Have the Blues (60" x 60")
And a few smaller ones:
Baby Blocks using 3-1/2" diamonds
And a runner for my dear friend Connie:
A runner using 3-1/2" diamonds
I had more of those diamonds left over and made this quilt. No borders yet. I combined these with 60 degree triangles. And NO y-seams!
Straight up diamonds!
These are 60 degree diamonds which can be cut with a regular 6 x 12 ruler that has a 60 degree line on it. I've shared those steps in previous posts (just do a search for "Turning 60" or "hexagons" on the Label list on the right sidebar).

Here is a Seven Sisters table topper I made using English Paper Piecing. These are 2" diamonds. To me, the word rhombus just doesn't fit!

Seven Sisters EPP table topper
And here are some stars made using 12 diamonds:
3 Stars (of the 7 needed) for my Seven Sisters topper
Here is a quilt I made for my second book, Supersize 'Em Quilts. This is Cloissoné Diamonds and a few derivatives:

Cloissoné Diamonds: 71" x 77"
And one in Christmas fabrics:
31" x 44"
And one I made just last month in preparation for an upcoming workshop for a Maryland guild:

47" x 60"
Each of these are made using 6" single fabric diamonds and Four Patch diamonds made with 3" strips (plus seams). Those diamonds on point measure 7" x 12"!

OK. That's it. Diamonds are forever. Rhombuses? I don't like the word and so I don't give it any time. Yes, I guess there's a bee in my bonnet. But that's because "words mean things" and rhombus is not in my vocabulary.

Some of these quilts can be found at my Etsy shop, along with several others that use diamonds.


  1. Thanks, Suzanne (I don't have your email to properly reply). We ALL love diamonds, don't we? But do we say that about the rhombus?

  2. Your diamonds are all beautiful. I love all of them!

    1. thanks, Debbie. I love diamonds and they are so fun to sew in cloth!

  3. Wonderful quilts!! So what is the plural of rhombus? Rhombuses or rhombi?? Your diamonds are wonderful!! I taught high school, but not that kind of math or English!! I don't think my students would have had a clue what I was talking about if I brought up rhombus!! Maybe a new swear word??

  4. Yes, it truly is a weird word. Diamond - we know that word. And maybe a new swear word - "Oh, you are such a nasty rhombus!" I like that.


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