Summer Workshops with MAQ, Part 1

MAQ? What's that? It's Mid-Appalachian Quilting Symposium and they work on one thing all year long - putting together one of the loveliest quilters' retreats I've ever been to. For 32 years this group of volunteers (a new board every 2 years) puts together an amazing line up of national teachers which offer a wide range of classes.

Dates? July 12-14, 2019.
Where? Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This is a 3-Part series. Today I share my Friday class.

Friday:  English Paper Piecing: Going Beyond the Hexagon

This is a hexagon. Actually, a lot of 2" hexagons. Let's work with some other 60 degree shapes!
The Zig and Zag of Hexies
How about one hexagon and 6 half-hexagons? What's this called? A Twisted Hexagon! We might be exploring this delightful block, which I typically make on the sewing machine. We will have NO sewing machines in our class! We will also answer your question: what's with those little bits of fabric sticking out? Come and find out!

Twisted Hexagon Block

  • What is English Paper Piecing? Here is my class description:

  • "English Paper Piecing is a great take-along hand piecing project, perfect for making traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG) blocks – and more! Discover simple diamonds and jewels, which, when combined with the hexagons, offer exciting possibilities for altogether new blocks adding a creative dimension to your design options. And we will work with pentagons, too! My collection of samples is a treasure trove of inspiration, where you’ll see all sorts of ways to use your EPP shapes in a variety of settings and projects."

  • Kit Fee: $15 (click that link for your supply list)
  • Kit Contains:  “mini kits” of fabric, card stock hexagon, diamond, jewel and pentagon shapes. The supply list will give you more options for fabrics to bring out of your own stash.
  • PreCutting Required: No
  • Sewing Machine Required: No
We will be making a Pentagon Wreath with these awesome kaleidoscope centers. I first made this to appear in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine a few years ago. It is a wonderful way to feature a beautiful motif in the center of the wreath.

Pentagon Wreath
And this is the original one as it appeared in the magazine:
Pentagon Wreath
And my favorite shapes are the jewel. They are made from diamonds. First a set of diamonds:

12 Diamonds make a larger hexagon!
And some lovely uses with the jewel shape . . .

A fussy cut crab in the center of 6 jewels. It's not finished!

6 Jewels and a hexagon
Add 6 diamonds in those open spaces and you have created a modern version of the vintage block called "The Star Bouquet." I have a few dozen of these and am trying to figure out my quilt assembly. Maybe it will be done by July . . .
The Star Bouquet
Turn those jewels into hearts! As you can see, I began by rotary cutting my diamonds. Then we slice a small triangle from one end. Piece two together and you have some colorful hearts. I will have ideas for what to do with these, too.
Jeweled Hearts
Pink hearts
I'd love to have you in my class if you are within driving distance of Gettysburg, PA. EPP is a fabulous take along project, too.

There is a supply list for the things you need to bring (mainly sewing needles, thread, cutting tools, etc). I will have kits of pre-cut fabric shapes and EPP card stock papers to make several blocks. You will have MORE than enough to occupy the entire day. I share lots of tips and have quite a few samples to inspire you.

I'll be sharing about my other two classes this week, so stay tuned. Hope you enjoyed seeing English Paper Piecing: Going Beyond the Hexagon.


  1. You make it so darn easy!! And spectacular.

  2. Debby, I am so thrilled to take a couple of classes with you in July! As soon as I heard about this on one of my FB groups, I started checking out the classes. When I saw your name, I was so excited. On registration day, I was up an hour before it opened just to make sure that I got in! I am not new to making the single hexis as I loved making them when we moved from Germany. That was a long flight, but the EPP got me through it. I first heard your name from our shared friend, Aby Dolinger, when I was taking a class from her in Stuttgart. I’ve wanted to meet you for so long. Your projects are beautiful and I can’t wait to try something new.

  3. Wow the twisted hexagon block is spectacular! Love the colour choices !


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