Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hey, Hey. A Little Crochet.

Sometimes I take up my hook and yarn and create something quick and not too difficult. My middle daughter, Hilary, took a 5 minute crochet lesson from me and has gone on to make some pretty amazing things: sweaters, baby dresses, etc. She became intrigued by American Girl dolls (even though she never owned one and has two sons and NO daughters). So, she set out to design a simple dress with a peplum.

Doll dress pattern cover. See it in Ravelry
So, because my only granddaughter has an American Girl doll (ok, a knockoff from Target) and her favorite color is pink, I found some rosy pink cotton yarn in my stash and a hook and took off.

Start of the dress by Hilary Meurer.
Then I needed a model. I'm a grandma and don't own an American Girl doll!

The only model I had available
And a few other process shots. The colored yarn marks the beginning of the skirt, so I would know when to stop after so many rows.

Almost finished!
Because I'm an editor at heart, I was able to suggest a few grammatical changes (there were 3), but all in all, it's a beautifully written. Lots of photos to show how each step goes. That is important for such a beginner like me!

I added a button and some ribbon
And a button at the back for easy on-off for a little child.

From the back
I asked a neighbor if I could borrow her daughter's American Girl doll and sweet Lexie came over and we had a modeling session in the back yard. Isn't she beautiful?

Lexie's doll with the new dress for granddaughter Eva
You can find the pattern at Hilary's web site: American Girl Doll Dress and Peplum Top

Oh, and yes. I started another one. It is very, very quick!

One more dress!


  1. I've always thought it would be fun to have my own American Girl Doll, just to make pretty clothes for. And all my grands are boys!

  2. My grown daughters and I have American Girl dolls and I have sewn many dresses and outfits for them. I don't have grandchildren yet but I am hoping one will be a girl so I can give her the dolls that we have. Plus I am sure my youngest daughter will want hers. I don't know about the older one. It is fun to make clothes for them and I am hoping to do it again some day.


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