Lone Star Week, Day Four

Now for just a few more variations. This is from a student of mine last summer. Susan H. decided she wanted to put a mini Lone Star in the corners of her One Day Lone Star quilt (35" block). This little pieced Lone Star measures 11" x 11" finished. How's that for tiny pieces?

Mini Lone Star by Susan H.
Here is her gorgeous quilt with FOUR of these minis in the corners! These 9-Patch diamonds are stitched using 3-1/2" strips.

Lone Star Quilt by Susan H.
I found this quilt online years ago. It is from the Lapp Family in Smoketown, PA. Very Amish looking with those solids. Don't you love how those diamonds radiate out from the center. Don't look at it for too long - you can get dizzy!
Lapp Family Lone Star
I decided to dip into my Kaffe Fassett scrap bin. I cut out 6-1/2" diamonds (NOT tip to tip but from flat side to flat side). Ever wonder about those 45 degree lines on your acrylic rulers?
String Pieced Diamonds
Then I cut the setting triangles (so I won't have y-seams). There's no "match-y match-y" going on here. I let the strips just run wild!
Single Lone Star: 28" square
And here she is hanging on my back fence. I hope to get her quilted this summer. 
String Pieced Lone Star: 58" x 58"
I have it in my Etsy shop. It's string pieced on large pieces of newsprint. It can make a dent in your scrap bin (but you know how that is, right?)

And here's one more in the "When Four Blocks Become Five" arrangement. I made it with leftovers from that Season's Greetings collection I showed you yesterday. I have a lot of piecing in those light colored background fabrics! But you can't see it, so I won't show you!

Here's the center star (19-1/2" x 19-1/2"):
Center of my 2nd Lone Star quilt using Season's Greetings
And the same arrangement as the String Pieced Lone Star above. The center star is 19-1/2". Each of the quarter stars is around 9-3/4" x 9-3/4". It's not a "perfect" number because I am rotary cutting those diamonds instead of using fussy templates. This is SO easy!

Lone Star with 19-1/2" blocks
You can find THREE Lone Star patterns in my Etsy shop:
I hope you enjoyed my Lone Star Week. I would like to know how you like my THEMES each week. I have a list of about 2 dozen other themes (and, yes, with a LOT of supporting quilts). And, yes, I'm thinking of having Animal Week pretty soon. How do you like that?


  1. Thanks, Debby. I love your themes each week. Helps me to learn so much more about each type of block/quilting and possibilities with them. Animal Week sounds like fun, too! Thanks for helping us get through this pandemic!

  2. I agree with Diane. Love your theme weeks and animal week sounds great!

  3. I like it. Did you press the seams open?

  4. This has been my most favorite of the week. They are all stunning.

  5. Well, I'm ordering the string-pieced lone star pattern because I LOVE the string-pieced look with all the cheery and colorful blocks it entails. Thank you for giving us such a variety of ideas within each of your themes, Debby!

  6. That Lapp quilt is really dizzyfying! I like yours much better - easier on the eyes. I especially like the string pieced one.


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