Free Pattern Friday: Aliens!

Aliens in My House!

This pattern was designed the Summer of the solar eclipse in 2017. I was reminded of it because it's the pattern I have in my 2020 calendar for this week! Here is the Windham pattern (free at their site).

My Outer Space Buddy pattern
This is the collection of fabrics that Windham sent to me. I donated them to my guild for making another charity quilt for a local child.

Aliens Fabric
Here is a variation made by Quilter's Studio (Fairfax, VA). Very cute!

Variation of Aliens pattern
Here is the pattern as it appears in my 2020 calendar. Just a little bit different.

Outer Space Buddy Quilt: 39" x 39"
The center block is a large appliqué, with other appliqué elements surrounding it. I'm sure you can find some young astronaut-hopeful in your life who would love a fun quilt like this!


  1. Love this Alien pattern. adorable

  2. So cute - perfect for community service quilts.

  3. Chrome and Google don't do well together on my computer. I'll try this ONE more time. LOL Thank you for the pattern link. I love aliens of all kinds, and I think this would be cute for several friends.


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