Lone Star Week, Day Three

Another day, another way to arrange the patches in a Lone Star quilt. I designed and made this quilt for Windham Fabrics in 2007 using their Farmhouse West Collection. These are 19-1/2" finished blocks and there are 3 variations. I also included this in my second book, "Supersize 'Em Quilts" (Martingale, 2009).

Farmhouse West Quilt: 
Let's unpack the 3 Lone Star variations. I showed you the first one yesterday with the block from the Carmen Collection. Each of the eight 4-Patch diamonds has the dark diamond at the tips. This creates a second star in the center.

Lone Star Block #1
This next block is made with a single fabric in each of the eight diamonds. No 4-Patches.
Lone Star Block #2
Here is one like that quilted:
Lone Star Block #2 quilted
I have two quilts using the simple star with 8 diamonds. This first one was made with a Benartex collection called Season's Greetings. This is a HUGE 29" block! I call this my Big Block Lone Star.

Season's Greetings Lone Star. 29" block
And a closeup of the center as I was quilting it on my Handi Quilter Sweet 16:

Closeup of the simple 8-Diamond Lone Star
This is also from that Farmhouse West collection, a single star with triple sashing strips and 9-patches in the corners. I wonder if I still own this . . .

Lone Star wall quilt using that Farmhouse West collection from 2007
This 3rd block uses a combination of a single fabric diamond joined with a 4-Patch diamond. Quite a fun look, huh?

Lone Star Block #3. 19"
Here's one quilted. It's a bit hard to see the contrast between the fabrics in the 4-Patch.
Lone Star Block #3
And one more quilt that has a 29" block! I call this BIG Block Lone Star and was has been a popular workshop. The pattern in my Etsy store ($6 pdf) gives directions for all 3 variations you see here.

This quilt was also in my Supersize 'Em Quilts book. I called it EZ to be Green. 29" (also in the pattern mentioned above). 29" block. 41" x 41" quilt

EZ to Be Green. 29" block.
Tomorrow I'll share a few more variations (yes; I do have some!) See you then.


  1. Beautiful Debby.....love all the colours.

    1. Thanks. Color is so much fun to play with. I love to see a lot of contrast in my quilts.

  2. Hi Debby! I really LOVE the Season's Greetings quilt. Those colors and fabrics are fabulous. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks, Roseanne. That Season's Greetings collection is one of my favorites. I made a larger Lone Star quilt with more leftovers that I hope to share on Friday.

  3. I really love the one with the dark diamond at the tips. I've never made one so I think I need to do this.

  4. You never know until you try! I've simplified the method in my patterns. There are a few other tutorials on the Lone Star that I've done here on my blog in past years. Do a search to see some of the steps.

  5. The amazing thing to me is that I would never have picked up any of the fabrics in EZ to be green, and yet I really like the quilt!


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