Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Lone Star Week: Day Two

The Lone Star (or LeMoyne Star, the alternative name) is based on the 8-Pointed Star grid. This is NOT an equal 9-Patch as some have mistakenly assumed. It is based on a 360 degree circle with radials coming from the center and spaced at 45-degree intervals. Enough math! Let's see a variation on this.

This 4-Patch Lone Star is perfect for the 4th of July. You can make it in time for celebrations. Don't you love my little Barbie model? She is wearing an Air Force uniform and is on loan from my dear neighbor Elise, who served in the Air Force a few years ago. The fabrics are from Storybook Americana by Windham Fabrics.

One Block Lone Star. 19-1/2" block. 31" x 31" quilt.
Note that the tips of the eight 4-Patch units alternate red-blue.

Here is a quilt I made about 20 years ago. Same pattern, but this time I set it on point. A different look, don't you think? This was made with some Fossil Fern fat quarters. This time the tips are all the same with the light multi-colored fabric. All of the blue tips touch in the center to create a secondary star!

Four-Patch Lone Star on point
And one more 4-Patch Lone Star. Same color arrangement to create a star in the center.

Four Patch Lone Star using the Carmen Collection (2015) from Windham Fabrics
Oh, I forgot this one! I used the Peyton Collection to make the same 4-Patch units, but I changed out the colors on the tips: green on one end and khaki on the other. I put all the khaki tips together in the center.

Peyton's Star. 19-1/2" center
Check out my Lone Star pattern in my Etsy shop for making this 4-Patch block with NO y-seams.

More Lone Star blocks and variations tomorrow. See you then!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I guess I must like the Lone Star. I've made so many!

  2. Awe, your Lone Stars are beautiful. I have always wanted to make one but they seem very difficult.

    1. They are much easier when you rotary cut the diamonds and eliminate the y-seam as in the traditional method. Hope you'll reconsider.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Anja. I guess I do, too, since I've made almost a dozen!

  4. I really like the 4-patch lone star.

    1. Thanks! I'll pass on your kind words to the quilts!

  5. I've always loved the fossil fern fabrics, and that star is a perfect example of why. That's beautiful!


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