Thursday, June 4, 2020

Quilt Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who took my 6 question survey about how you feel concerning Fall quilting events: Quilt Shows, Guild Meetings, Classes. I had 349 responses and I especially appreciate the thoughtful comments that most of you shared.

As you know, I make my living by quilting. First, by being a quilt magazine editor. Then as a freelance teacher and speaker. I dabble in sharing my patterns online via Etsy. As I like to say: "I'm only as good as my next quilt."

Before I share the results, I will show you one of the quilt samples I created for my Seven Sisters Variation workshop. (I create at least 7 new workshops a year for guilds and conventions/shows that they can select from). And, because I believe my students like to see more than one quilt, I made two quilts and a set of blocks!

7 Sisters Variation Quilt
Large, easy to piece blocks with NO y-seams.
3 Seven Sisters Blocks
And one I shared a few months ago using a Benartex collection called Geo Pop.

Seven Sisters Variation using Geo Pop
Here are the results of my survey. I made it available to about 3,000 quilters. It doesn't look like I'll be "back in the saddle" anytime soon! My main income comes from teaching for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo (6-8 conferences a year). The schedule is very fluid at this time.

 Question #2:

 Question #3:
 Question #4:
 Question #5 (this is not surprising to me; I'm also an oldster!)

So, what does that mean for me and you? No one knows for sure. Many, many of the comments were about how special it is to meet IN PERSON and that you miss that the most. It is important to have tactile contact with the fabric and tools and everything else in a vending mall at a show. Not much is happening with Zoom (and if it is, there's not much excitement about it).

I am putting together a few trunk shows for presentation via Zoom for guilds. These will be slide shows. My slide shows are NOT boring. I've made a LOT of quilts and have hundreds and hundreds of photos. I let the quilts do the talking. I'm going to test drive this on my local quilt guild and also on my sister and a good friend.

I'd love to know your thoughts (if you haven't filled in the survey). Either here in the comments section or you can still take the SURVEY HERE. Again, thank you for letting me know what this all means to you!


  1. I agree with most of it. Being well over 60, I know I am high risk and is my husband. Plus he has an autoimmune problem. WE take no chances.

  2. I see by the survey results that most of us fall in "that age bracket" where we have to be more cautious with exposures (of any kind). I feel for all of you whose livelihoods are tied to travel and personal contact. I personally don't have any experience or expertise with Zoom. I would be willing to learn in order to have some virtual personal contact. Take Good Care

  3. I'm sure I'd enjoy a Zoom slide show by you! I have constant issues with Zoom, but if the slide show comes up somewhere near me, I'd give it a try. In the meantime, I'll just watch all the photos here. =) I hope the real stuff gets started soon. I know there are some cities which are having a hard time still, but I think we need some real interactions soon!


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