Honeycombs in the Hosoya Triangle

What is that? Holy cow - Math is here and Debby is making me nervous! Not so! I was teaching a quilting class in Gettysburg College last week and it was held in the Math building. I saw a magazine rack in the hall and this is what caught my eye:

Cover of magazine with honeycombs

I took it back to my English Paper Piecing class and showed my students. They loved it! I knew I needed to make this. Don't ask me about Fibonacci Numbers, but this represents the stuff of Fibonacci.

I drafted this in my Adobe Illustrator program and counted how many of each of the 3 colors I will need to make this. It has 120 hexagons, so you don't have to count!

Hosoya Triangle for English Paper Piecing

I was going to use some Civil War fabrics and 3/4" hexagons (because I had some in process), but then I changed my mind. Here are the first colors swatches I thought of from the Jamestown Collection.

Here are what I have in process using Jamestown. I think I'll continue making these Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks. They are just too sweet to abandon.

So, these are the 1" hexagons that I had begun a few weeks ago and I am cutting more fabrics.

 I don't have any one print for the sections, but I do have enough of each color. I will mix it up but honestly try to make this Hosoya Triangle. Once I finish this (ha ha!), I'm going to contact the 3 authors of the magazine's article and let them see it. Two are professors at The Citadel, and the other graduated from the Citadel. I bet they'll get a good laugh at this!