Storybook '22 Sneak Peek

I just received the latest in the Windham Fabrics Storybook series called Storybook '22. I am very partial to these 30s reproduction prints. They just arrived in quilt shops this summer. Here's a sneak peek of the prints:

Storybook '22 fabrics

There are dancing animals and little kids. Humpty Dumpty. Cows jumping over the moon in all the colors! Little kids playing musical instruments. Flowers in all colors. There's even a boring white - but that's a perfect piece so that the other prints look good, right?

There is a panel that uses all the prints in a random sort of crazy patch arrangement. Here's a closeup:

Crazy patch panel for Storybook '22

I'm still waiting for inspiration with these. There are 30 skus clamoring to become something fun and beautiful and they ALL want me to use them in some project! That's 7-1/2 yards!

I'm going to revisit some of my favorite patterns that use 1930s prints. Not sure which will inspire me, but I'm going to give them some serious thought. 

Baby Blocks is always a good pattern for these prints. Diamonds and triangles and NO y-seams, of course!

Baby Blocks quilt

I love Log Cabin blocks. I made 36 of them for my Sunbonnet Sue and Sam quilt. This used a Feedsack reproduction collection from 2016 (by Windham Fabrics). These are tempting!

36 Log Cabin blocks using the Feedsack Collection

Four go together for the background of each appliqué. (But I'm not up to remaking that quilt!)

Do you remember the Sue and Sam quilt? Here's one of those blocks (before my machine appliqué).

Have a Heart Sue block

And then there's Storybook Vacation and my Storybook Butterflies quilt. One of my favorites, for sure, and it was offered in the Keepsake Quilting Catalog as a kit. A best seller (now I sell it as a standalone pattern).

Storybook Vacation Butterflies

I'll keep you posted. Go check out the Windham site and look at the Storybook '22 prints one by one!