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Maker's Home (2017) has been quietly waiting for a place to shine. Little fat quarters on a shelf in my closet (out of the sunlight, of course). I am making more of those zipper pouches. My mother-in-law saw some I posted on Facebook and put in a request.

Here's one I made the other day using the new Bright World fabrics. They have just come into quilt shops this month:
Zipper pouch using Bright World. 9" high x 9.5" wide

I honestly measured over and over, but it still is too small for her iPad! Oh, well. She will find a lovely use for this, won't she? Isn't the lining fabric in white and gray perfect?

That's why I pulled out Maker's Home. She loves pink and turquoise and we all love flowers. 
Here is Maker's Home by Natalie Barnes. Yes, these are from 2017 but they are beautiful for today!

Maker's Home

This pouch is bigger than the pink one and it fits the size of her iPad (which is the size of mine). What do you think? It's 8" high by 10" wide.
iPad cover for my MIL

Here it is with the lovely green lining. I'm getting better with the zippers. This was a 13" zipper that I cut down. I love these nylon zippers! You can't do that with a metal zipper (or as easily).

Yes, I still design and sew quilts. But playing with beautiful fabric is always fun.


  1. Fabric is always fun, whatever you do with it. I used to make clothes, but luckily don't have to do that now! These pouches are great! I don't have an iPad, but if I did, I'd want that protection for it.


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