Animal Week: Day Three

More birds, and I'l try to finish with them today. But, I keep finding more in my Quilt Vault!

These two sassy birds are from the Garden Bouquet vintage set of blocks. They appear in every single flower block - all 25 of them! I redrafted these 20 years ago from the 1930s designs of Florence LaGanke. My blocks are 12" x 12" and this small quilt is 34" x 34".

Five Block Garden Bouquet quilt: 34" x 34"

 These two birds were given names! They are Saucy Bird and Meek Bird! I took the original urn pattern that composed of templates and turned them into a single piece of appliqué. Very easy, indeed! The rest of the images (flowers, birds) are also raw edge appliqué.

Here is a vintage quilt top from the 1930s. What do you think? Very lavender! The anonymous maker kept one bird yellow and the other blue.

Vintage Garden Bouquet owned by Sue Reich of Massachusetts

Here's a completed quilt done in pink!

And one photographed for Quilt Magazine many years ago:

Vintage quilt with a lovely border as it is in the pattern

You can find the 58 page digital pdf pattern in my Etsy shop! Garden Bouquet


  1. These are beautiful, Debby! I'm not a huge fan of birdies . . . but love to listen to them and I happily feed the hummingbirds. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Birds can be messy in my backyard, so I understand. But I also love to listen to them sing their hearts out every morning before the sun comes up!


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