Scrappy Diamonds to Jewels

I'm getting ready to (possibly) teach some virtual (Zoom) classes in the Road to California May Quilt Show. I have proposed 6 workshops (and 3 lectures). One of them is what I call Scrappy Diamonds to Jewels. I don't believe I ever shared these blocks and the quilt. First the jewels cut from rotary cut diamonds. Easy!

Jewels cut from 4-1/2" diamonds

Then they get little triangles added on the short sides:

Sewing triangles to sides of jewel

I realized this morning that I did this with some awesome Benartex batiks in 2016. Do you remember?

Lemon yellow jewels with black and white triangles

I sewed 6 of these together and it looked like a daffodil. But it was missing something. According to my lovely garden catalogs (and the flowers growing in my front yard), a daffodil has an orange center!

Part 1 of my Daffodil block

I decided to raw edge appliqué a hexagon to the center. Very different look, don't you think? It looks like I used 6 yellow hexagons and 1 orange hexagon. But, this way, I had no y-seams!

Finished daffodil block

Back to my Diamonds to Jewels workshop. Here is the finished quilt. I made 10 blocks and "squared up" the sides. I arranged them in an asymmetrical manner. No y-seams anywhere!

Diamonds to Jewels: 48" x 52"

Here's one more of these blocks disguised as a Daffodil. The jewels are turned inward, but we still need triangles on the outside.

Batik Daffodil Block

Oh, and one more block that can be made with 6 jewels: a 3 Heart Block! And I have no idea where this is. It sure would be a fun teaching sample, wouldn't it? Same parts, different arrangement.

Three Hearts Block

I'll keep you posted if this becomes a class. This is a VIRTUAL show and I will be teaching via Zoom.


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    1. It is fun. I love playing with these jewels and have cut so many for my demos. I'll be sharing more here. Thanks for stopping by!


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