Better Get Ready - Spring is Coming!

Hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of Spring. It's freezing cold here and very blustery! But the sun is shining and the daffodils are up and the birds are going crazy: singing, singing, singing!

Wild daffodils in my yard

I have a quilt called Spring Bloomers. You've seen it here before. It's one of my favorites. It was first rejected by one magazine editor. Why? She said the stripes in the setting triangles made her dizzy. Sorry about that! I pitched it to another magazine and they not only loved it, they put it on the cover.

Spring Bloomers: 42" x 56"

Do you like to stitch by hand? These are English Paper Pieced blocks called Grandmother's Flower Garden. I used 1" hexagon papers. I added stems and set them on point with a triangle for a pot. 

Here's one made by my friend Joan Gifford. Such bright, happy colors!

Joan Gifford's Spring Bloomers

I keep making these little things. I found a stack of them yesterday, hiding in a drawer, and I had already appliquéd them to a 60 degree diamond. Here's a peek at my work in progress.

GFG blocks ready to be stitched to plain background diamonds

And here are some more that I've stitched to hexagon backgrounds and then arranged them into a circle.

Here are several different sizes of these Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks stacked atop of each other.

Stack of different sized GFG blocks

I hope you enjoy the first day of Spring wherever you live. But, I know that if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you are going into Autumn! I lived in Africa for 3 years, so my seasons were reversed.