Animal Week: Day 7

More days, more animals. Let's go from the air to the sea. Yes, I'll get to those that roam the earth, but I've got some fish and even crabs! I used some EPP to make those hearts and a crab I designed about 15 years ago for a project for Blank Textiles.

Crab Happy Quilt

And some recent fish that I made using a VERY old pattern. Here's the old pattern made up into placemats 25 years ago!

Fishy placemats published in Quilt Magazine

Here are the two fish made up using some Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I sell these easy patterns in my Etsy store.

Algernon the Angel Fish in 12" size (pattern also includes the 6" size)
And one in blue:

Algernon the Angel Fish in 12" size (pattern also includes the 6" size)

Heres my pattern as seen in my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar.

This is a wonderful panel from P and B Textiles (2017). Collection is called "Wild Things" and I'll be sharing more from that later. But the pattern is FREE and you can get it here: Wild Things

Fish block from Wild Things

Here's Overall Sam from my Sunbonnet Sue and Sam pattern. This is Fishing Sam!

Single Catch Sam. 9" block

Here's some fabulous fabric that does all the work. Captured those fish inside a center strip. Great child's quilt!

And I'm going to end with this fantastic vintage piece of fabric. Can you see those smoking fish? What a crazy motif. Some are carrying umbrellas. Some have sombreros on. Some have turbans. I have about a yard of this and I treasure it. What a fun piece!

Vintage fish swimming with hats and cigarettes

That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed seeing so much sea life.