Birdhouses for My Birds

The birds in my backyard love to sing morning and night. They live in the trees and make their nests in my dryer vents, too! I have no birdhouses outside, but I do have quite a few inside my house.

I have been pulling out various workshop samples that I don't anticipate using anymore and today I grabbed my Birdhouse Bonanza Block parts for a quilt retreat a few years ago (that got cancelled). The fabrics are from the Home Grown Collection by Benartex. I'm sure you remember my posts about these.

First, the panel. I used the four smaller squares in my first quilt, but still have the large center one remaining.

Here is my Birds and Bees at Home quilt using some paper pieced birdhouses and the 4 smaller panels. I had some guests for lunch last Sunday and one of the women (Carolynn) was SO enamored with this hanging in my kitchen.

Birds and Bees at Home

I used four different birdhouses (paper pieced) that I enlarged to be 10" in height. I have these in my Etsy shop (Big Birdhouse Bonanza). Here they are up close:

60s A-Frame

Beginner's Birdhouse is very doable for a newcomer to paper piecing.

Beginner's Birdhouse: 6-1/2" x 10"

Home Tweet Home is also fairly simple:

Home Tweet Home: 7-1/2" x 10" (finished)

And Room for One (Bird!):

Room for One: 6" x 10"

I had 4 birdhouse blocks in my workshop sample box. Some fat quarters of the Home Grown fabrics. That center panel. I put together the last birdhouse and finished the appliqué features. Here it is in halves (as you need to piece it).

Efficiency Birdhouse: pieced in two units

And how it looks from the back. Yes, you have to cut the pattern apart in the center and piece the top and bottom separately.

Efficiency Birdhouse from back

I have the four blocks and that large, center panel up on my design wall. I hope to finish it this week. Do you think the birds mind?


  1. Thanks Debbie love them all very inspiring and fun!

  2. Love the birdhouses and I don't think the birds will mind.

  3. I think the birds are thrilled to be coming out in the sunshine!


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