Shot Cotton Week: Day 4

 I like to have more than one sample when I teach a workshop. Many times I have more than two. This is my One Day Lone Star that I have taught off and on for 10 years. It's one that takes away the y-seams in those corner and side setting squares and triangles.

This is only half of the star. The other half is in parts as a teaching sample. But look at how different it is in the printed fabrics I first used (15 years ago!)

I realized I have one more quilt I made using these Artisan Cottons. You've seen this quilt before. It's my Gretchen Quilt (which I've made almost a dozen times!). It's a fun technique. Here are some of the shot cottons I pulled to go with the various prints.

Light turquoise shot cotton to go with this large scale Kaffe Fassett print

Medium lavender

I liked the deep gold in this print, so that's what I chose for the shot cotton 

The perfect green doesn't overwhelm the print

Here are four of these Gretchen blocks put together. Absolutely NO templates. Just a clever trick with your rotary cutter and squares.

And the finished quilt (45" x 45"). Blocks finish to 9" x 9".

Sixteen block Gretchen Quilt

I still have one more quilt that uses these Artisan Cottons. See you tomorrow!


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