Blue and Gray Sampler BOM

BOM? What's that? Initials for "Block of the Month." Do you remember me sharing this quilt made a few years ago for Windham Fabrics? They wanted to create a quilt kit and pattern that could run in the Keepsake Catalog. Why am I showing it here? I'm toying with the idea of offering a FREE Block of the Month series here on my blog.

I selected various traditional blocks (many used in my 2016 Civil War Sampler pattern) named after famous people and places from the Civil War era: Order No. 11, Fredonia Oak Leaf, Lincoln's Platform, etc). These are 12" blocks with the center Fredonia Oak Leaf at a whopping 24"!

The Blue and the Gray quilt is 72" x 72". It was beautifully quilted by Connie Gallant (who also now owns it).

The Blue and the Gray Sampler: 72" x 72"

Would you be interested in the patterns and following along? I will be remaking the blocks in bright colors (for those who don't like these muted reds and blues and greens).

Here are the blocks up close:

Fredonia Oak Leaf is that VERY large center block. I created it using raw edge appliqué. You certainly can make this via hand work! The choice is yours.

Fredonia Oak Leaf: 24" x 24"

Lincoln's Platform; there are two:

Lincoln's Platform: 12"
Louisiana Block (2):
Louisiana: 12"

Order No. 11 (2 also):

Order No. 11: 12"
Right Hand of Friendship (2):

Right Hand of Friendship: 12"
Rosebud Block (2):

Rosebud Block: 12"

This was offered for several months in the Keepsake Catalog (retail: $14.00) and I offered it for sale at my Craftsy site. I'm going to gather my selected fabrics and think about when I want to begin the BOM here in blog-ville.

There are five different fabrics (including the cream background). Simple enough to consider. This also can be made even scrappier (which I'm sure I will do in my new blocks).

What do you think? Any interest? 


  1. Yes, I'm interested. I've just been organizing my fabrics and have lots of shoebox sized bins of civil war repros!

    1. I'm hoping to remake these blocks in today's modern colors. We'll see . . . Glad you're interested. Not sure when I'll start (certainly in the next month).

  2. I would be interested in your BOM.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi, Sherry. I think I certainly need to start with fabric requirements, right? Not hard to do since there are only 5 different fabrics.

  4. Count me in!! The blocks are intriguing and I am interested in learning how to make them.

    1. Hi, Nancy. They are not difficult blocks. You have to be open to appliqué, but my methods are always by machine!

  5. Normally I would be interested, but I can't do much sewing as I am dealing with a torn rotor cuff and a partial frozen shoulder. It's a nice quilt though.

    1. Hi, Susan. Sorry about that issue with your rotator cuff and shoulder! My husband has those issues.

      You can follow along and grab the patterns as they come out. I hope I can share some photos of blog followers who are sewing with me.

      Take care!

  6. Would love to participate in this BOM and like the idea of using bright colors.

  7. I would be interested. I have become more and more interested in blocks with applique that I can do as carry along projects.

  8. count me in. Galaxy of Stars was a great learning project when I started; hopefully your clear teaching will finally let me get over applique. thx Marie


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