Shot Cotton Week: Day 2

 This is my South Carolina Star block. It's designed to be sewn as a foundation pieced pattern.

South Carolina Star

Here is a little more info on what shot cottons really are:

Artisan Cotton by Another Point of View is a beautiful cross-dyed quilter's weight cotton that acts as a solid but with a zing! The rich, saturated colors truly pop and are simply spectacular. These solids are a mixture of pretty pastels, zesty brights and rich neutral tones.

These fabrics also have a good feel (hand) and are just as "weighty" as good quality quilter's cotton. That's what I like! Look at those yellow/gold threads that are woven with blues to get this green. The fabric is NOT a flat color.

Yellow/Green shot cotton by Windham

OK, you say. Yawn. Let's see some things you've MADE! I've shared this before. It's my Winding Ways quilt. This is NOT for the new quilter or one who is a bit shy of curved seams.

Winding Ways block using Windham shots and Kaffe Fasset florals

And what does it look like on the back?

Can you see some of those yellow threads on the edges?

And the full quilt (though not quilted yet). The background fabrics are all shot cottons. I set the blocks in a staggered assembly just to shake things up a bit! I love this quilt and hope to get it quilted in the next few months.
Winding Ways quilt using shot cottons

These blocks EACH contain 12 pieces - yikes! But you can try your hand at a very simple two patch Winding Ways. It will work well with shot cottons, too! Here is my quilt done in batiks, which I've shared here before:

As you can see, shot cottons play very nicely as supporting cast with beautiful prints. Come back on tomorrow to see a few more creations.


  1. Love the South Carolina Star Quilt.

  2. I also love the South Carolina Quilt. And those fabrics are beautiful also.

  3. very pretty!
    Kathleen -- kakingsbury at verizon dot net


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