Shot Cotton Week: Day 5

 I love making Flying Geese and using them in my quilts. I have a bundle of these blocks sitting quietly in a drawer. I will eventually discover something fabulous to make with them. I used Artisan Cottons for the colors and some Kona Snow for the cream background.

I cut a whole lot of squares for the "geese". One square will give me four geese.

I pulled a lot of colors!

But here are two more quilts I made using these Artisan Cottons. I let the focus print do all the talking and the shot cottons were the perfect supporting cast! The first is my Sunburst Off Center Log Cabin.

Sunburst Off Center Log Cabin

Here's one of the blocks up close. Yes, those strings are part of that maroon fabric!

And the last quilt to show you this week is my No Tricky Card Trick. Again, I chose Artisan Cottons to be the supporting cast for these large scale busy prints. Here is how I set out one of the blocks.

One block's parts for the No Tricky Card Trick

And the finished quilt (54" x 54"):

No Tricky Card Trick Quilt: 54" x 54"

I hope you can see how shot cottons can add a lot to your stash. They let your prints do all the talking, but without them you would just have an ordinary quilt!