Update on My Birdhouse Quilt

I finished the 4 birdhouse blocks and appliquéd the little door openings. Each block finishes to 10" high, but they were different widths. I had a few scraps remaining so that I could add side strips to the two top blocks. Here they are up on my design wall on Wednesday.

Home Grown Leftovers

I am surprised that I actually had a nice chunk of that flowery print and figured I could use it at the top and bottom. And the blue flower print in the two sides? That was every square inch that was in the scrap pile!

But, wait! you say. What's going to happen on those four corners? Well, I love these sorts of challenges. I found a lovely bumble bee print from years ago and cut rectangles and finished off the corners with little rust triangles. Wanna see?

Home Grown Quilt #2: 33" x 33"

This is one more workshop box that has been emptied and I'm thrilled I had enough of all those fabrics to coordinate to get a sweet little quilt out of it. This will be easy to quilt and I've been thinking I would like to give it to Carolynn. I'll keep you posted!

You can see more of these upsized birdhouses on my Etsy site. One of my favorites is my Noah's Ark! Yes, it still needs to be quilted and I can't find it in my closets! Noah? Noah? If you can hear me, please call me!

Noah's Ark Birdhouse: 6" x 10" (block)

Hope you enjoyed seeing another finished project. Boy, do I have a LOT of workshop boxes left in my closets! Yes, I store them in these Chobani yogurt boxes . . .

45 boxes filled with workshop samples


  1. Seeing your boxes makes me feel better about my laundry basket of almost finished projects!


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