Block Inspiration from My Calendar

Did you know you can VIEW all 366 of the quilt blocks contained on my calendar? This is the perpetual calendar that I published with Martingale in 2006. It's not tied to any year. It's out of print, except for what I've bundled onto a CD or USB drive.

Calendar on CD

I don't think I ever shared that you can view ALL the blocks in one place, in color, and see the sizes that each comes in! It's free and is a lot of eye candy.

Click here and you can see all of them as they are on my web site (not blog). They are in alphabetical order. Beware - there are 366 quilt blocks to look at and you may need to get another cup of coffee!

Here are some of the A Blocks. If you had the calendar, you just click on the image and it takes you to a pdf of the block.

16 of the 366 blocks

Then there's a link to see all 12 of the quilt patterns using some of the blocks. This is better than a book!

Irish Cross and Chain Quilt. 64" x 74". 10" blocks

A few years ago I shared all 366 of the blocks made in fabric by Patricia Bryant of Australia. She did a fabulous job and had fun doing it as she staged each block in a unique setting! You can find those by doing a search here on the blog.

I realized that many people no longer have a CD drive, but most have a USB drive, so I can now bundle the calendar on a USB stick.

Everything navigates via your web browser. All block and quilt files are in Adobe Acrobat pdf and are easy to view and print. If you were to print the whole calendar it would be hundreds of pages!

Go visit the web page to see the blocks: The Quilter's Block a Day Calendar. It's quite a catalog!


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