Happy New Year Snow Crystals

Happy New Year!

My Snow Crystals quilt is still one of my favorites. I have been asked about the variation called Idaho which includes sashings. Remember this?

Idaho Block

The first one I made has disappeared, but I remember when I made it about 16 years ago. I used purple and gold batiks.

Idaho in lots of colors!

Snow Crystals is also a vintage pattern and I've shared it here many times. I was asked to add the pattern to my Etsy shop and I have. It also includes a 3 page pattern for the Idaho block. It's simple: just paper piece 8 sections and then join them with strips. Here are 4 units of the 8.

I standardized the center sashings to a uniform 1" finished size, but the block will not finish to a "normal" size due to working with 8-pointed stars. But, if you're making a quilt only with this block, it doesn't matter!

Here's the Snow Crystals quilt. The entire center is one block. That's how the vintage pattern shows it.

Snow Crystals

This is paper pieced, so some of you would sweat bullets! But it's not hard, honest. Take a look at the pattern page from the Kansas City Star in 1930. Would you like to use those templates? And sew y-seams? NO, not me!

Page from the Kansas City Star

My diamonds are rotary cut. Paper piecing streamlines everything and makes thing accurate. Check out the listing for the 11 page pdf!


  1. I've done the template thing, and got pretty good at it, but paper piecing might be easier, if I could ever get the hang of it. LOL


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