More 45 Degree Diamonds

One more quilt using 45 degree diamonds - the Carpenter's Wheel! It has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity where the "diamonds" are created using half-square triangles. They don't really become diamonds, only parallelograms.

This is my first Carpenter's Wheel quilt, made in 2001. A lone star in the center with radiating diamonds surrounding it. I actually paper pieced this, and it was a torturous time - but it worked. Carpenter's Wheel is a vintage, traditional pattern.

Carpenter's Wheel

It was stolen in 2005 on a teaching trip, along with 29 other quilts! I like to say it's hanging on that giant quilt rack in the sky. A friend of mine remade it for me - Joan did a beautiful job and I used it when I traveled and presented trunk shows. I have since returned it to Joan.

Carpenter's Wheel by Joan

Then, digging WAY back in my archives I came across Hearts and Swallows. This was made in 2001. I had to do a bit of fabric manipulation to make those diamonds behave in the corners, but it worked! Yes, these are also 45 degree diamonds.

Hearts and Swallows

This would not be hard to make today. Those 4 corner units are really half Lone Star blocks! But this is an updated version of the vintage Swallows in the Window block.

I am thinking of making another one. It would be fabulous to capture a beautiful print in that center. But the center size will be dictated by the size of those corner diamonds. Trust me. That's the way math works!

Swallows in the Window

And one more: This Arrowhead Star was made using ultrasuede scraps and a velveteen background square. Probably made in 1995 or so. I've shared this before, and I'm thinking of making it again in a simpler way with quilter's cottons.

Arrowhead Star

Hope you enjoyed seeing more ways with those 45 degree diamonds!


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