More Forever Diamonds

Here is a quilt I made for my second book, Supersize 'Em Quilts. This is Cloissoné Diamonds and a few derivatives. I wanted to make the most of the large scale Kaffe Fassett print, so I went big - 6" finished from flat side to flat side.

Cloissoné Diamonds: 71" x 77"

I made this a class and needed more samples, especially since I gave the first one away! My students loved being able to cut their diamonds using a standard ruler, along with those two different shaped triangles (from a flat tipped 60 degree ruler).

I made one in Christmas fabrics. I wanted the alternate 4-Patch blocks to show up a bit more. These are also strip pieced and then rotary cut.

And one I made just last year in preparation for a Maryland guild workshop. I went on to take this with me when teaching for the Sewing Expo.

Diamonds and Four Patch: 47" x 60"

Each of these are made using 6" single fabric diamonds and Four Patch diamonds made with 3" strips (plus seams). Those diamonds on point measure 7" x 12"!

My pattern has an extensive, detailed supply list for each of the 3 sizes. It's a great way to showcase a beautiful print you just don't want to chop up into little, tiny pieces. Check it out


  1. And these look great, too. I like the two sizes of diamonds. I'm sticking with the other one, though. LOL


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