Glorious Blooms Even in the Winter

Yes, it's January and the skies are gray and the days are still short (though we have gotten 26 more minutes of daylight since Winter Solstice). I finished a quilt top last week that is based on my Glorious Blooms quilt that was featured in Fabric Trends Magazine and also in my Supersize 'Em Quilts book.

Just another cover girl!

Here is a photo of the quilt with awesome, large 20" blocks so they can showcase a glorious floral motif in the center 11" square.

Glorious Blooms: 46" x 46". 20" blocks

I auditioned different colors for the block corners. I didn't like the green, so . . .

First I chose the green squares for the corners

I did some ripping . . .

Glorious Blooms block in process

And here is my 4 block quilt. I had to get creative with the borders. I only had fat quarters (you've heard this song before)!

Glorious Blooms using Cottage Joy

I found an orphan block that I had made using a lovely Anna Griffin set of fabrics from 2013. Not sure where the block is, but don't you agree that it shows off that print well? I wish I could find it! That center is 11" finished and could be a super place to put an awesome appliqué block, don't you think?

Single Glorious Blooms block from 10 years ago!

And one last quilt idea - this was a proposed project using some Michael Miller fabrics. Quite a large quilt with 9 blocks!

9 Block quilt using Renaissance Fabrics by Michael Miller

I love working with large scale floral prints. It's seems a travesty to chop them up into little, tiny pieces. I think that's why the fabric companies like working with me. I made sure customers could see the beauty of their prints in their entirety. Check out my Glorious Blooms pattern in my Etsy shop.


  1. I do think those make pretty blocks. I don't have large prints like that in my stash, or I might try one myself. I have plenty of other projects, though! =) Thanks for always inspiring me with something.

  2. Congratulations on being a cover girl. That is a pretty quilt and your new blocks look great too.


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