Diamonds Are Forever

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023 with quilts and all their beauty.

Diamonds come in all sizes. Those in fabric come in many different angles. I seem to prefer the 60 degree kind, though I've made many quilts using the 45 degree diamond. Oh - don't get nervous. I'm not going to launch into a math lesson!

This is a simple quilt made using eight large 45 degree diamonds.

Big Block Lone Star. 29" center star! 6-1/2" diamonds

I have shown how I cut my fabric diamonds, both 45 and 60 degree. What's revolutionary to me is that I do not use templates. Revolutionary? Yes, because when I began quilting 35 years ago, every diamond in every magazine was cut using a template. Every. Single. One.

Here is how I cut my strips - NO templates! For this next quilt I began with 3-1/2" strips. Using the 45 degree diagonal lines on my acrylic ruler, I sliced off the left side (waste) by aligning the 45 degree line with bottom of strip. Then I measured over 3-1/2" from that cut and made a second cut. A perfect 45 degree diamond!

Cutting a 45 degree diamond

I cut a lot of diamonds. Two different pinks and white background will make one star. Again, no templates.

Pink diamonds ready for making a Lone Star

Here is my first star. No set-in seams, either! Eight 45 degree diamonds = 360 degrees. Isn't math beautiful?

Big Block Lone Star - single block

Here are a lot of 45 degree diamonds that I cut for my Flying Swallows class. These are smaller, cut from 2-1/2" strips.

45 degree diamonds cut from 2-1/2" strips

This is the 3rd Flying Swallows quilt I've made and I think it's now my favorite. It uses 24 of those diamonds, 6 of each color. 

Flying Swallows quilt: 24" center block; 38" x 38" quilt

Here is a Flying Swallows quilt using larger diamonds. Same cutting technique. There are only two colors of diamonds.

Flying Swallows in traditional colors

And the very first Flying Swallows quilt I made about 25 years ago. I chose bold colors for the center with only one color for the diamonds.

My first Flying Swallows quilt

I have many Lone Star quilts and their variations. The Flying Swallows quilt uses the same shape/size 45 degree diamond, and look how different they look! I did an entire week featuring Lone Stars in June of 2020. Do a search here on my blog and you will see SO many beautiful quilts and their variations!

I'll be back with more diamonds in quilts later this week!


  1. Love the Lone Star block. Just wondering if the white triangles are just diamonds cut in half. When I look at the pile of white triangles, I can't picture them as diamonds. Yet, in the block I can see some of them look like they might be.

  2. Ever since I saw the Flying Swallows patterns used by Sioux and Navajo, I have loved that pattern! Yours are all gorgeous, of course. What you did makes so much sense in an age of rulers and rotary cutting.


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