FREE Vintage Noonday Block

So you like to hand piece? Are you happy sewing without a sewing machine? I came across this vintage block that we (Quilt Magazine) had patterned about 15 years ago. It's called Noonday.

12" Noonday Block

This is not a simple block. I certainly couldn't do it justice, but there are those quilters who LOVE to hand piece. There are 16 gold elongated triangles. And 16 blue diamonds.

The closest I could come to something like this is my Ezekiel's Crown block. This was a workshop for a few years. There are 16 pointed triangles in each full circle (the center). But paper piecing made this happen. NO handwork in this - not even the binding!

Ezekiel's Crown: 18" block (four units)

You can have the FREE Noonday quilt block by clicking that link under the photo. It takes you to a 2 page pdf with full size templates.



  1. I took a class in the dawn of time from a quilter who showed how to do these arcs on the machine. It wasn't hard, but after class, I never did another one. LOL That is a pretty block, thank you, and so is Ezekiel's Crown.


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