Glorious Blooms (in fabric)

I love creating a space for large scale blooms and images to let them strut their stuff. This is one of the blocks I designed almost 15 years ago for my second book (Supersize 'Em Quilts, 2009). I took the Cottage Joy collection by Windham Fabrics and created this lovely quilt based on that pattern. I showed some of the 20" blocks back in January.

Glorious Blooms: 47" x 47"

I just put the binding on yesterday and this will be donated to my local guild's charity endeavors. Sure to make some little child happy, right?

This is Glorious Blooms from that book. I used a beautiful collection by Blank Fabrics. I think I gave this away (because it's not in my closets!)

Glorious Blooms from Supersize 'Em Quilts: 46" x 46"

You may remember how I had to change some things out. I auditioned different colors for the block corners. I didn't like the green, so . . .

First I chose the green squares for the corners

I did some ripping . . .

Glorious Blooms block in process

I made a single block a few years ago using a collection by Ana Griffin called Chinoiserie. Somehow I think I donated this to the free table at a guild meeting! Isn't it just lovely?!

Glorious Blooms block: 20" x 20"

Those center squares are cut 11-1/2". It's a perfect place to showcase a lovely motif, don't you think?

Then I discovered I had proposed this design in 2019 for Michael Miller Fabrics for their Renaissance Collection. Did they pick it up? Crickets . . .

Glorious Blooms digital proposal for Michael Miller

Fabric companies do NOT like to see their fabrics chopped up into little, tiny pieces. They want them to be showcased in big, bold blocks. And I am happy to comply! 


  1. Gosh no matter what fabrics you use, that's guaranteed to be a beauty!


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