Pink Slipped Again!

No, I'm not talking about my underwear - I'm talking about getting a rejection notice for a quilt. As I shared a few weeks ago, I am in a quilter's challenge with my local guild. We have a theme - Spirals - and the rest was up to us to interpret that. I spent a few weeks exploring some ideas, visiting some old quilt files and trying to figure out where I would go. This is for an AQS show in the Fall.

There were 17 guild members competing for 7 slots. I didn't get a slot. I'm not sad - I know how to take these things. And I'm genuinely pleased for my very talented guild members who will go to the next level. I hope to share their quilts here sometime after the show.

Here is my quilt:

Twin Spirals: 31" x 31"

Here are the fabrics I used:

Bright World by Sharon Virtue for Windham Fabrics

 Here's the main print. Looks like a Picasso painting, doesn't it?

Bright World main print

 I chose 4 spiral prints, a blender and two others.

Bright World fabrics for my Spiral quilt

I used a vintage pattern called Twin Spirals and built my quilt around it:

Digital rendition of Twin Spirals

Remember the sneak peek? These are 2 of the 5 larger spirals.

You can see more of the spirals here as I'm cutting out the shapes using freezer paper.

Check out the whole collection at the Windham site: Bright World. There's a Look Book with projects made that you will love! 


  1. If that was pink slipped, I can only imagine the ones that were chosen. I really like this design!


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