Windham Wednesdays with MORE Butterflies

I had a bundle of 2 fat quarters with some other yardage in a theme: Butterflies! Yes, I know I blogged about them the other day, but this is a NEW quilt. I combined two older Windham collections to make a sweet baby quilt for our local guild's charity endeavors. (I cut and sewed this in just a few hours yesterday)

I had some "Wonder" and some "Painted Wings". I figured out how to cut it up so I could make a 9 block quilt. Yes, I still use paper and pencil!

Nine 6-1/2" squares from a fat quarter of butterfly print

I only had a fat quarter of that turquoise and 8-1/2" x wof of the yellow stripe. If I cut carefully, I could get enough 2" strips to surround the butterfly squares. If I sewed the yellow 6-1/2" strips onto the tops and bottoms of the squares and the blue 6-1/2" strips onto the sides, then I wouldn't have a pressing issue.

Sewing sequence for the 9 blocks

Here are the 9 blocks stitched together. Those horizontal seams are pressed open. Everything lies flat! I found a stripe that works with my prints.

Center of my Butterfly Quilt

And here it is ready to be quilted. Yes, I have two outer border prints; it's all I had and some little kid won't mind at all! Inner border is cut 1-1/2". Outer borders are cut 4-1/2".

Sweet Butterfly Quilt: 38" x 38"

I'm so happy to have used up those leftover fabrics from another time. Sometimes simple is the way to go. Just let the fabric do all the work!


  1. Plan to make. Shouldn't the top/bottom border of each squares be longer than the side borders?
    So cute.

  2. Oh yes some little kid will love that quilt. I love it and I'm far from a little kid. =) Thanks for sharing this simple but effective idea.


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