One More Butterfly Quilt

Meadow Whispers is a collection from several years ago. It has BUTTERFLIES on several skus. I used a simple block design from my Colorburst Squares workshop which has 3 variations of the Cobblestone block. I shared these a few years ago. I had some leftover fabrics and so . . .

The butterflies of Meadow Whispers

Here is the fabric collection with those lovely butterflies on the left (3 colors). I was working with fat quarters only.

I sewed until I exhausted myself (ha ha - I'm joking, of course). My method for making these is to stack 10-1/2" squares and cut them in pairs according to which one of the blocks I'm aiming for. My Colorburst Squares pattern simplifies it even further. Here are the 3 different blocks. Block 1 is the standard Cobblestone.

Cobblestone Block #1: 10" finished

For the first quilt, I used the 3 different blocks in my Colorburst Squares pattern.

I made a total of 30 blocks - but I didn't use up all those fat quarters. I tried, honest! I put them together and had my guild friend quilt this and it was donated to one of our charitable ventures here in Herndon, Virginia. No border - just binding.

Meadow Whispers Butterfly Quilt: 50" x 60"

Here is the second quilt I made using those leftovers. It is 48" x 48" and will also be donated to my local quilt guild. The blocks are all the same. It is just so beautiful and I know someone will be delighting in the beautiful colors and butterfly images!

Meadow Whispers Quilt #2: 48" x 48"


  1. Comes along at the perfect time for Hands2Help yearly project!


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