Hexagon Thursday

Hexagon Thursday? What's that? It's what I'm thinking of at 8:25 am on the East Coast of the USA.

I've had these hexagon charm packs for several years.

I bought these in 2018!
They work with 1-3/4" hexagon papers.

The fabrics cut from 5" charms, work with 1.75" hexagon papers

I took this first bundle (the greens) and worked with those first:

Pinned them to papers (I had to print mine; didn't have a printed set yet from Paper Pieces):

I added some solids and made some Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks (variation). SO lovely (not sure what I'll do with them, but it will come to me, I'm sure).

But now I think I'm going to make a charm quilt (by machine), combining these with cream triangles. They measure 4" from flat side to flat side, so will finish to 3.5" height. Easy to cut BG fabrics and stitch w/o y-seams. Will keep you posted!


  1. Gorgeous fabrics. I've always worked with small ones, but I can see the appeal of the larger ones!


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