Windham Wednesdays with Dinosaurs

Today I'm giving you a sneak peek into a new Windham collection called Age of the Dinosaurs. When I saw the collection I knew it would be perfect for my youngest grandson, Javier. He lives and breathes and eats and generally thinks about dinosaurs all day.

Here is a great look at the 17 print bundle. They ship to quilt shops in April.

Age of the Dinosaurs

Age of Dinosaurs is an exciting new collection from Katherine Quinn, the same designer for Whale Tales. It is full of stunning color and prehistoric reptiles. Peaceful plant-eaters, fierce hunters, winged lizards, primitive plants, scaly skin and fossilized tracks will make perfect projects for a budding paleontologist. 

There are 3 prints of those dinosaurs. The one at the top with the black background is called "Evening Commute." Can you believe it? The other two are called "A Moment in Time."

What are my plans? Well, since I asked for (and received ) 3/4 yard cuts, I had in mind a pillowcase for Javi. I've done several tutorials here on my blog and that's one of the things I will do (sometime in March). These are the 3 prints I've chosen:

Age of Dinosaurs for Javi's pillowcase

I also want to make him a zipper pouch big enough for putting his small dinos in. I've finally figured out how to make zipper pouches without pulling my hair out. That will be a fun tutorials, also.

Go take a visit to the Windham site and read about these and get a better view of each print. I bet you can think of more than one child who would be thrilled with these!


  1. Of course! These will make a great pillowcase, and I do look forward to those tutorials. I've not made zipper pouches, because zippers are not my friends. LOL

    1. Hi, Susan. Yes, zippers are old school for me. Not since garment sewing (30+ years ago) have I struggled with one. But I'm getting better. Stay tuned.


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